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The SKINNY on Success… with Joy & Cindy

Nov 9, 2020

More people than ever feel the pressure of perfectionism. With the mental health crisis growing globally, it's a critical moment in history to open up the dialogue. We are pleased to present a workshop led by Dr. Margaret Rutherford, author of "Perfectly Hidden Depression." The workshop helps identify:

  • If your perfectionism is harmful
  • What it stems from
  • Why it is important to you
  • Learn traits of Perfectly Hidden Depression that may surprise you!

About Dr. Margaret Rutherford:
Dr. Rutherford has been a psychologist in private practice for over twenty-five years. Her popular podcast, The SelfWork Podcast with Dr. Margaret Rutherford, regularly ranked one of the top mental health podcasts in the US, is heard by thousands every week, with currently over 1.5M downloads. She’s been researching and writing on perfectionism for six years on many well-known online platforms, including HuffPost, Psych Central, Psychology Today, Readers Digest, The Mighty and others, and has been interviewed by influential podcasters and radio hosts such as Lewis Howes, Emily Morse and Dr. Caroline Leaf. Dr. Rutherford shines a spotlight on an important aspect of mental health that most people don’t know about or understand – that many people who appear to “have it all” could possibly be masking depression through perfectionism. This can be deadly. Her warm, conversational presentation style makes her an engaging workshop leader as she delves into what it might be like to risk vulnerability and find more freedom and acceptance. For more information, visit


Hosts: Cindy Metzler and Joy McAdams

Guest: Tricia Frigo

Guest: Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Link: "Perfectly Hidden Depression" on Amazon

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