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The SKINNY on Success… with Joy & Cindy

Apr 8, 2020

The SKINNY on Success is a podcast that takes you behind the scenes with some of the most successful and inspirational individuals around the globe who will share how they’ve created their own version of success.

I’m online Influencer and EQ-expert Joy McAdams here with Cindy Metzler, TEDx co-organizer and passionate connector. We are  two momtrepreneurs uncovering golden nuggets that will help you take action in your life!

This podcast is an interactive experience with thought-leaders, as well as the unsung thinkers & do-ers of our time…

Our goal is to give you the Skinny on other people’s Success by providing information & inspiration to help you find balance in your life!!


Hosts: Cindy Metzler and Joy McAdams

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Production House: Flint Stone Media

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